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Pan Fried

I cook everything like a pancake

3/18/07 02:37 am - everybody needs to see how cute this cat is

His name is Goliath, or, alternatively, Arnold [sic]...but i think they really meant to call him Da Governater.

10/5/06 05:05 pm - resumee help

Does anyone know where I can free downloadable copy or trial copy of microsoft word? I don't have a word processing computer and need to type up my resumee because...I'm moving to San Francisco within the month and gotta be ready to go on a job search when I get there!

thanks, lj buddies!!

8/14/06 02:09 pm

hey kiddo's. Just found out that the soundtrack for Little Miss Sunshine is primarily composed of songs by Devotchka. There are also a couple Sufjan Stevens songs in the mix. All this brings me 16 oz. closer to peeing my pants in excitement over it. Opens next Friday, August 18th, at the Palm. And there may be a midnight showing for some select locals--stay tuned!!!

7/27/06 09:19 pm

woohoo, my internet is working again!!!!

In other news, I'm no longer sick, I got a sweet haircut, my room is (finally) clean (minus the vacuuming, dusting, and wall decorating), and have a new appreciation for life after being on my back for a week and reading The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood (a sort of feminist 1984, soon to be passed on to King Orbison). I also had a sweet dream about being close with a certain male (not River). Which reminds, River hasn't been a-callin'. Despite, I am hoping soon to disclose my feelings for him nonetheless because this tired chess game we've got going has lasted nearly a month, and we've only just shifted a couple pawns forward. Anywhatits, whosits, witsits and watchits, things are going good. I am streamlined, with my nose facing the right direction.

7/3/06 11:33 am

lo, a little bit of Charlie BrownCollapse )

6/26/06 01:48 am

this may be a dummlichheit question, but in the hopes of not wasting anymore cds, i'll ask all you smarties out there in lj land anyway....

does anyone know how to burn a cd in i-tunes so that it'll play on a regular stereo? My i-tunes will indeed burn cds, but I can only play them back on the computer, even after the "finalizing" stage. HELP, bitte bitte.


6/19/06 01:03 pm


pictures & tales to come - - - -

on second thought, strike that. I think I am going to take a break from livejournal for a while. I do not think it's a healthy thing for me right now.

6/11/06 07:53 pm - words turn into food

Inspired by Perfume, a book recommendation of kissingypsie, & by sashash's poem (see today's entry, subj, "hm. 2"), I just cooked up the most scrumptious meal. Cooking it was a pleasure for all senses. I searched for my camera in my current wolf's-den-of-a-room to capture the only accessible sense to all you out there in lj land, but in haste couldn't find it.

Quickly, before the whole thing turns into a congealed, unappetizing mess, here's what I made:

18th century Parisian Pasta (or at least, this is what I imagine I'd feed to my family if I lived there back then, and what I'd most like to smell if I were Jean-Baptiste Granouille, the main character of Perfume who possesses an uberhuman olfactory sense):

Organic spaghetti tossed with
~~~~~sauteed Cremini mushrooms, sliced
~~~~~~~~~sauteed pieces of smoked turkey & chicken sausage with mild green chile & cilantro
~~~~~~~~~~~~COMPLETELY FLOURLESS ALFREDO SAUCE MADE FROM SCRATCH BY MOI!!! Ingredients: organic half & half/one jumbo clove of fresh garlic, minced/pat of organic butter/about 1/4 c. fresh organic parmesan and pecorino romano grated cheese mix/fresh ground pepper


Now I feast & watch Fallen Angels. Thanks for the inspiration, kissingypsie & sashash!!!! Bet you never thought your words would come of this (c:

6/11/06 01:23 pm - dense Hollywood bottlebrush...

...is a good thing if directed by Brian de Palma. After overhearing a chef at my school's campus center rave about the way Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax" was implemented in Body Double, a film by the aforementioned gritty-but-good auteur (who's now most well known as producer of Tarantino films), I figured I'd better check it out. So check it out I did, and a wild, wild romp through the under & overcurrents of the working stiff's Hollywood it was. I don't want to spoil anything, but all I'm gonna say is if you're a film AND a theatre fan, you have needs see this movie. And if you're not, but a whodunit mishmashing of production tropes from adult films, b cinema, b horror flicks, tarantino-esque plot twists & heroics, Hitchcock's Rear Window, and a little bit o' Shakespeare sounds right about up your alley, then sprint to your local alt video store and git it!!!!

summer film progressCollapse )

P.S. The Blanchard chef was right, absolutely right. I mean, for one, how often is a song about coming put to correct use in film? And for two, how often is a full-scale re-enactment of Rocky Horror Picture Show gone pornographic shown in a film..well...ever? Relax was by far one of the best sequences in the film, and I'm so thankful I happened to be in the right place at the right time to get the grapevine on thishere fine slice of cinemeatic cherry pie.

6/7/06 12:32 am - "there are no little secrets..."

Last night I watched Match Point, Woody Allen's most recent feature. Lauded (correctly, I believe) it was a slow moving "high class potboiler" which covered a large spanse of time without omitting realistic intracacies or overbearing the viewer with information. In short, it was very, very clean, and very suprising--absolutely one of the best thriller's I've ever seen, and doubtless one of Woody Allen's best films to date. The last 45 minutes (about 1/3 the length of the whole film) made my skin crawl, and I couldn't help moaning. Not from agony but from...well...you should just see it. I've never seen a film that was at once so difficult to watch (in the final segments) but at the same time absolutely impossible to turn away from. Match Point makes Richard Linklater's Tape look like some peanuts on the floor of the world's scuzziest dive bar getting trompled and covered in vomit.

Woody Allen's made a lot of work, but I think this was a really successful step out of the box for him, but not too far out, which seemed to be the secret. All the markings of a usual Allen classic were there: wealthy protragonists, the backdrop of a gorgeous city, jazz, big band, opera, russian lit, raquets & balls, an emphasis on sex, repeated "socializing over the dinner table" scenes, threads of afterthoughts and commentary on the narrative or nature of the characters. The big difference, however, was that the commentary in this movie didn't come from the mind of Woody Allen (or the mouth's of his characters) nearly as much as it came from the mind of the viewer without trivializing anything.

Match Point:All other Woody Allen movies::Reading a novel out loud:listening to the (most likely abridged) book-on-tape.

Another large difference to note is that Allen has never told the story of Match Point before. It was highly unpredictable and because, as per the norm in suspensefull thrillers about the upper class, the narrative unfolded slowly, with an even pace throughout. Extraordinarily, however, it unfolded with very little pretense that anything bad was going to happen until it actually did.

I don't want to spoil anything, but I will say, the end left me breathless (literally gasping) with steam coming out my ears and nose (figuratively). It's a marvelous, understated, [SEXY,] masterful work--not to be missed by the avid film viewer!!! Or the not-avid film viewer for that matter.

I'm so glad WA has made a film that put him back into the public rank of Finest Filmmakers of All Time.

imdb bits & pieces: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0416320/
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